Executive Director

Vance Hudson, MHS, CAADC | vance.hudson@reenter.org

"We are here to sell recovery, and that's it."

Adopting a person-centered approach within recovery, Vance Hudson has been serving persons in recovery for nearly 35 years. He has been acting as Executive Director since 2000. Along with his executive duties, Vance spends his time mentoring and giving clinical supervision to developing counselors and social workers in this agency.


Clinical Team

Munirah Alam, MA | Naropa University | Clinical Supervisor | munirah.alam@reenter.org

Serena Downing, MA | Rosemont College | Group Therapist | serena.downing@reenter.org

Nicole LePera, PhD | The New School | Group Therapist | nicole.lepera@reenter.org

Natalie Sloane, MSW, LSW | New York University | Counselor | natalie.sloane@reenter.org


Residential Management Team

Michael Andrews | michael.andrews@reenter.org

Michael Benckert | michael.benckert@reenter.org

Edward Dolison | edward.dolison@reenter.org

Nate Davenport | nate.davenport@reenter.org